All rooms are designed to be comfortable and pleasant for your stay. Each room is fitted with a full kitchenette, including refrigerator, stove and oven, as well as dishware and silverware. Cookware, irons and hairdryers are also available. A laundry room is located on premises for your convenience.



The Main House

Visit the Manager’s Office in the The Main House to check in, where you will also find the lounge with a cozy fireplace and satellite TV.


The Cottage


The Cottage has three large rooms on the first level with either a porch or deck (rooms 21-23), and three more rooms on the second level (24-26.)




The Motel


The Motel is where you will find rooms with individual porches on the first level (rooms 1-5). On the second level are four rooms that accommodate up to three guests (rooms 6-9) as well as double occupancy rooms (rooms 11-18.) There are also three ground floor rooms (A,B,C) which share a porch.


Look out your window for a spectacular view of the Catskill Mountains!




The Barn


Visit our magnificently renovated barn that has ping-pong tables and lounge on the first floor as well as a reception hall on the second floor. The Barn is an excellent venue for weddings, proms, galas, or any other event production.