The Barn Venue at Homestead Farm Resort in Upstate New York has got to be one of the best kept secrets in the New York area.

Only 3 hours from Manhattan, the Barn Venue was really a barn! Not a replica of days gone by, but a renovated barn from the days when the area was full of working farms.

Each year Homestead Farm Resort throws one rocking gala for New Year’s at the Barn Venue. Complete with lights and music, the guests dance the night away as the New Year rings. It’s an amazing time for families that want to enjoy this holiday with their children. Our DJ spins up some friendly tunes and the children make life lasting memories of good clean family fun.

The Barn Venue at Homestead Farm Resort is versatile as far as the atmosphere and flavor the host wants to present. Our New Year’s party is a full on Night Club atmosphere for families, while next week we’ll have a rustic wedding with hay on the floor and food served in picnic baskets. We’ve personally witnessed wedding planners or party planners turn this barn into a chabby chic visual delight that would make Pinterest itself feel it failed.

From discotheque, to rustic, to chic, to shabby, to shabby chic, to fairy tale, to tailored to anything you want, there’s something about a wooden barn that screams chameleon.

Our prices are reasonable. Having a wedding shouldn’t leave a couple’s bank account deplete. We made a choice to offer the same prices we have offered over the years.

Recently, barn weddings became a very popular type of venue, especially in the New York City area. As a family run business, that promotes family functions and community, we decided that tripling the normal costs to cash in on the trend didn’t fit with our mission and creed. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not belittling the wonderful world of good business sense, we just didn’t think this particular move worked for us.

The Barn Venue at Homestead Farm Resort has seen some of the best events in the whole Catskills area. With 250 acres, you can’t help but fall in love with nature all over again.